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Seaweed has been consumed for decades in many Asian countries. However, we see that popular seaweed dishes such as sushi, for example, are also gaining popularity in the Netherlands. Altogether, seaweed is a collective name for various groups of algae. Also, until now, this vegetable from the sea is consumed by more and more people. So now you might wonder; Is seaweed healthy?

Yes, seaweed is definitely a healthy food. For starters, it is a fantastic source of protein and iron. In addition, seaweed contains many different vitamins and minerals. Therefore, this vegetable is often used as a meat substitute because of its versatility.

Are you curious what the health benefits of seaweed are? Because we highly recommend reading the article below. In fact, we will tell you everything you need to know about seaweed. Furthermore, we look at both the advantages and disadvantages of consuming seaweed. Indeed, you don’t want to miss that. So let’s get started quickly.


Firstly, Seaweed is undoubtedly healthy for humans. Due to the fact that there are several reasons for this. Beginning that this food is a rich source of protein and iron. So compared to other vegetables this is certainly remarkable. In addition, seaweed contains many other important vitamins. Also minerals that our bodies need. Below is a list of some examples.

  • Seaweed is rich in calcium
  • Seaweed contains iodine and also magnesium
  • B vitamins are in fact present in seaweed
  • Moreover, seaweed is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Seaweed is full of fiber

However, this is just a sampling of some of the important vitamins and minerals. I am sure you can imagine that in the mean while this versatile vegetable will definitely enrich your diet. Moreover, Seaweed is available in many different varieties. And each with their own unique taste.

By the way, the delicious taste of seaweed is another reason for people to consume it. Likewise, process this green gold in a delicious salad or in a unique sushi roll. You really can do anything with it. Let’s take a closer look and see all the health benefits seaweed brings.


1. Seaweed keeps heart and blood vessels healthy
In brief, eating seaweed contributes to a healthy heart. Even so good blood vessels. Henceforth, this is definitely a food that everyone should add to their diet. Furthermore, Algae contains various substances that stabilise blood sugar. Next to this it will lower blood pressure.

In essence, our blood vessels need enough omega 3. In due time to keep the blood flowing optimally. Seaweed contains many of these healthy fatty acids. So be sure to add seaweed to your diet with some regularity.

2. Seaweed promotes digestion
People who consume seaweed regularly, will probably be able to agree that this food promotes digestion. But, this is not without reason. Seaweed protects the intestinal wall. As a result digestion is slower. Even so nutrients can be absorbed better.

3. Seaweed cleanses and detoxifies the body
For instance, you have undoubtedly heard of people cleansing their bodies. This happens once in a while through a detoxification cure. Additionally, seaweed can also support cleansing our bodies. It helps remove toxins that are in our body. Metals and free radicals in our body can also be addressed by eating enough seaweed.

4. Seaweed promotes healthy thyroid function
Consuming enough iodine is important. Mostly for healthy thyroid function. Not getting enough iodine could result in a sluggish thyroid gland. This, in turn, can cause various problems.

Seaweed contains a lot of iodine. This makes it an indispensable food. Do you suffer from thyroid problems? We always recommend that you consult with a specialist to draw up an appropriate dietary plan.


As seaweed lovers we can well imagine that you are wondering if eating seaweed can have disadvantages. Indeed, eating seaweed can be harmful. Although, this is if you eat too much of it. As we all know, anything that says too much is not good for us.

As briefly mentioned above. Seaweed is a natural source of iodine. This is an important element for various processes in our body. We advise people to eat seaweed for healthy thyroid function. However, you can also ingest too much iodine if you eat too much seaweed. This can be counterproductive.

So in order not to experience any adverse effects of seaweed, it is important to enjoy it in moderation. Make sure you eat a varied diet in which you consume different vegetables. This way you will be able to fully enjoy the many benefits that seaweed can bring.


Seaweed is eaten by many vegetarians and vegans as a meat substitute. But we understand this. After all, the algae contain many nutrients that can normally be obtained from meat. For example, think of a good amount of protein and sufficient iron. Still, seaweed cannot serve one hundred percent as a meat substitute. How so?

An important vitamin that many vegans need to take as a supplement is B12. Unfortunately, seaweed does not possess B12, and thus is not suitable as a complete meat substitute. Fortunately, there are many meat substitutes on the market today that contain added B12. However, seaweed is definitely a fine meat substitute, as long as you combine it with other meat substitutes. After all, you also want to avoid ingesting too much salt. 

It is also important to always keep varying your diet. Eventually, the importance of a healthy and varied diet should definitely not be underestimated!