The Best Licorice Ever

The Best Licorice Ever - Honey...

… is the 3rd variety that Klepper & Klepper have proudly made . Like it says on the packet, this product is gluten-free and gelatin-free, and contains real Dutch honey. 

12% Dutch Honey from The Biesbosch National Park

Have you looked at the back of the packet yet? The Best Licorice Ever – Honey contains at least 12% honey from our own country.

We travelled all over the Netherlands searching for the best honey there is. We finally found it in The Biesbosch National Park. We finally found it in The Biesbosch National Park. Unfortunately, many other products containing honey source it from far away countries where pesticides and insecticides are often used. This is not the case for The Best Licorice Ever – Honey. We use honey from The Biesbosch National Park in the Netherlands. Working with local beekeepers, with respect for people, the environment, plants and bees, only the best honey meeting high-quality standards is extracted. The bees in the beautiful conservation area, the Biesbosch, fly to many types of flowers, including the spring balsam. Honey from the Biesbosch is wonderfully sweet and mild in taste. It’s just perfect to use in our special recipe for The Best Licorice Ever, to which we add at least 12% of this Dutch honey. 

We do all this to guarantee the best honey taste ever (even if we do say so ourselves). 

Help the bees: Do your bit

Do your bit and work together with nature

Make your garden a safe and attractive place for bees. Plants and flowers that bloom encourage bees. By collecting pollen and nectar bees become strong and start making honey. Bees like variety, so it is important to place different kinds of flowers and plants.

Stop using insecticides

Insecticides are not only a threat to bees but also to other insects in the garden.

Buy a bag of The Best Licorice Ever - Honey

Perhaps an obvious solution, but it does help. By sourcing our honey from beekeepers in the Netherlands (The Biesbosch National Park), we can safeguard the Dutch bee’s survival. 

How you choose to do your bit is up to you, of course. We’ve done our best to produce the best honey licorice ever without using chemicals so we can keep the bees, wildlife and nature happy. You can enjoy our delicious candy confident that it’s all pure and natural, which makes it taste even better. But that’s just what we think; why not try it for yourself. 

Who are we anyway?

How you contribute, you may of course know for yourself. We have done our best to produce the best honey licorice ever without the use of chemicals. The bees happy, nature happy, you happy. Because it’s all pure nature, the best honey licorice ever tastes even better. We think so. But above all, taste it for yourself.