We at Klepper & Klepper get a lot of questions. About licorice in general and The Best Licorice Ever in particular. If that is on the market of Alkmaar e.o. happens, Klepper Sr. is usually willing to answer them in detail. Often more extensive than most people wish.

For everyone who doesn’t come to the market very often (and for everyone who doesn’t have the time to listen to Klepper Sr.’s answers in full), we have the most frequently asked questions (the Frequently Asked Questions as to the English call it) on lined up.

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The Best Drop Ever is available throughout the Netherlands, but not in any supermarket. But in the better specialty store. We put a lot of effort into making our licorice The Best Licorice Ever, whoever wants to taste it can put in a little effort. We think.

To make it not too difficult, here’s a handy map. See where you can buy The Best Drop Ever in your area. Do you know a point of sale that we have forgotten? Send an email to

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Of course! The Best Licorice Ever contains no wheat starch. As a result, our licorice does not contain gluten. Instead, we put potato starch in it. And a lot of love.

None of our licorice contains gelatin, which is made from animal bones and skin. The Best Licorice Ever in the flavors Mildly salty, Full sweet, and Bay leaf are therefore suitable for vegans, The Best Honey Licorice Ever is not for vegans, but for vegetarians. After all, the Best Honey Drop Ever contains honey, and to make honey you need bees. The beekeepers we work with are very responsible for their bee population. You can read more about this here.

You can read the nutritional values of De Beste Licorice Ever on the back of the package. But if you don’t have a bag of The Best Drop Ever within reach, you can take a look at the product information on this site. You can find it at the bottom of every product page of De Beste Drop Ever and with the question below.

See the question above. The ingredients of De Beste Licorice Ever are always listed on the packaging. But if you don’t have a bag of De Beste Licorice Ever at home, you can find the ingredients of De Beste Licorice Ever per flavor via the links below!

Yes, The Best Licorice Ever is gluten-free and therefore accessible to people with celiac disease. So enjoy your meal!

Want to, but can’t. We receive many requests for financial aid for various purposes. As much as we would like to answer all these requests with a resounding ‘yes!’, it is currently not possible for us to financially support projects, associations, or individuals. We also do not pay in drop. We hope for your understanding of our choice.

No. Sorry. The Best Licorice Ever is made in an independent licorice factory. This is not our own factory. Klepper & Klepper come up with the recipes, the factory then makes them. If it is possible in the future to give guided tours in this factory, you can read about it here.

If you are sensitive to it, the daily consumption of excessive amounts of licorice can cause high blood pressure and fluid retention. This is due to the substance glycyrrhizin.

Normally, glycyrrhizin is broken down and excreted in the body. But if you eat a lot of licorice daily, you can take in more glycyrrhizin than the body can remove. This can lead to high blood pressure. The experts recommend taking no more than 200 grams of licorice per day. Note that this is an average. The amounts vary depending on the strength of the licorice.

If you already suffer from high blood pressure, do not eat licorice daily. The same goes for small children and pregnant women. Enjoy it, but enjoy it in moderation.

Licorice tastes like licorice because of the substance glycyrrhizin. This substance is contained in the licorice root. Glycyrrhizin is a natural flavoring and 50 times sweeter than granulated sugar. Glycyrrhizin is normally broken down and eliminated by the body. Taking too much of it too often can cause your blood pressure to rise. See also the answer to the question above.

No worries. If your question isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean we don’t have an answer. In fact, the question to which Klepper & Klepper do not have an answer has yet to be invented. Not that they always make sense. We are happy to answer questions about theoretical mathematics, for example, but we doubt whether they are also correct.

So feel free to ask us any question you want. Send an email to or visit our Facebook or Instagram page. We will answer you as soon as possible. Even if, for example, you want an answer to the question of what the meaning of life is. We can be brief in that, that’s easy: the meaning of life is licorice.